Power System - 3 Notes, ebook for EE - Free PDF Download


Mar 15, 2017
Hi friends

Here i am uploading high quality notes for the subject Power system 3. This is one of the important subjects in the course and these notes will definitely help you prepare well for the semester exams.

Topics covered in Power System - 3 eBook/notes:
  • Philosophy of protection, Nature, Causes and consequences of faults, Zone of protection, Requirements of a protective scheme, Basic terminology components of protection scheme
  • Recovery and restriking voltage, interruption of capacitive and inductive currents
  • Vacuum circuit breaker
  • Relay classification, Principle of different types of electromagnetic relay.
  • Electromagnetic relays
  • Reactance and Mho type, Differential relays,
  • Bus Zone Protection
  • Symmetrical and unsymmetrical fault analysis for power system,
  • Current limiting reactors in power system and their arrangement calculation of fault MVA for symmetrical short circuits. Circuit breaker capacity
  • Swing equation, Equal area criterion for stability
  • Voltage stability, concept, causes and counter measures.
These notes on Power System - 3 can be downloaded by clicking on the pdf icon below.


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