Power Electronics Notes, eBook PDF Download for Electrical Engineering


Mar 15, 2017
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Here i am uploading high quality notes for the subject Power electronics.This is one of the important subjects in the course and these notes will definitely help you prepare well for the semester exams.

Topics covered in Power Electronics notes, eBook attached:

MODULE-I - Thyristors, Static V-I Characteristics of SCR, TRIAC, GTO & IGBT, Turn-On & Turn-OFF, Mechanism of SCR, Gate Turnoff Thyristor (GTO) .Power BJTs . Power MOSFETs - Insulated Gate, Bipolar Transistors (IGBTs) - Basic Structure and VI Characteristics. Static, dynamic and thermal

MODULE-II - 1-Phase Half & Full Wave Controlled Rectifier with various kinds of loads (R, R-L-E (motor)). Midpoint and Bridge type converters. Half Controlled and Fully Controlled Bridge circuits, different waveforms, Input Line Current Harmonics, Power factor, current distortion and displacement factors

MODULE-III - DC-DC Converters: Classification of types of choppers, One, Two and Four quadrant operations, Step up and down choppers, Analysis of Type-A chopper, Single-and two quadrant operation with DC motor load.

MODULE-IV - Single-phase Half and Full bridge Inverter, Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) technique for voltage control, SPWM Technique 1-phase inverters, Auxiliary Commutated (Mc-Murray)

These notes on Power Electronics can be downloaded by clicking on the pdf icon below.


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