Pharmaceutical Analysis III (unit 1) BPharma 7th Semester lecture notes pdf eBook download


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Hello Students,

Today, I am sharing Pharmaceutical Analysis III (Theory) 7th Semester lecture notes pdf eBook download for all B.Pharma/IPT/BPUT students.

This PDF for Pharmaceutical Analysis III BPharma notes contains the following topics to cover UNIT 1:

The theoretical aspects, basic instrumentation, elements of interpretation of spectra, and applications of the following analytical techniques.
  • Ultraviolet and visible spectrophotometry
  • Fluorimetry
  • Infrared spectrophotometry
  • Flame Photometry
Each topic is extensively explained. Please comment below if you need any subjects or specific topics. We are uploading more lecture notes, handwritten noted for all B.Pharma/IPT/BPUT students everyday so keep visiting Studynama.


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