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Hello MBA students,

I am sharing this summarized eBook and lecture note for MBA HR subject - Personality & human behavior. You can easily download this PDF and study quickly for your exams. There are few lecture notes that i have on important topics of Personality & human behavior, will also share soon. However, you can comment in the box below if you want some other eBook.

The course content in this PDF notes / eBook of Personality & human behavior is as follows:

  • Personality & human behavior
  • Personality: Meaning, Nature of Personality, Classification, Sources of Influences upon Personality
  • Adler's Individual Psychology - Inferiority - Superiority - Style of Life - Creative Self
  • Levin's Field Theory, The Structure And The Dynamics Of Personality, Development Of Personality
  • Abraham Maslow - Self-Actualization -Hierarchy Of Needs , Development Of Personality
Please click here to download Personality & human behavior PDF notes and eBook file.


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