[PDF] Water Sample Testing Project Report for BTech Civil Engineering Final Year


Jul 7, 2018
Dear Civil Engineers, I am sharing my friends' Civil Engineering Final Year Project report for your reference on the topic - Water Sample Testing. This BTech Civil Engineering project PDF file contains the full detailed report on Water Sample Testing. Here are more details on this Civil Engg. Project:

Civil Engineering Project Topic: Water Sample Testing | No. of Pages: 39 | File Size: 1.1 MB

Key topics presented in Water Sample Testing BTech. Civil Engineering Project Report:
  • Introduction and Experiments
  • Determination of pH
  • Determination of Turbidity
  • Determination of Hardness
  • Determination of Residual Chloride
  • Determination of Chloride
  • Determination of Sulphate
  • Determination of dissolved Oxygen
  • Conclusion and References
You can easily download this PDF file for Water Sample Testing BTech Civil Engineering Project Report by clicking the download link below.


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