[PDF] Thermodynamics ACE Academy Handwritten Notes for GATE - Free Download


Jul 7, 2018
Dear Mechanical Engineering GATE Aspirants. I am sharing the Thermodynamics ACE Academy PDF Handwritten Notes for GATE on this page that can be easily downloaded for FREE below. These ACE Academy GATE Notes on Thermodynamics contain all the syllabus as per GATE Exam for this subject. The notes have been prepared by ACE Academy toppers and are shared here for reference of all Mechanical Engineering GATE aspirants.

List of GATE syllabus topics covered in Thermodynamics ACE Academy PDF Notes for GATE:

  • Thermodynamic systems and processes
  • Properties of pure substances, behaviour of ideal and real gases
  • Zeroth and first laws of thermodynamics, calculation of work and heat in various processes
  • Second law of thermodynamics
  • Thermodynamic property charts and tables, availability and irreversibility
  • Thermodynamic relations
You can easily download Thermodynamics ACE Academy PDF Notes for GATE by clicking the link below. Further, if you have any queries regrading this subject, or any other aspect of your preparation for ME GATE preparation, please leave a comment below. There are many Mech. Engg. GATE experts and toppers who can help and answer your queries. All the best :)


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