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Dear GATE Aspirants of Mechanical Engineering branch. I am sharing the MADE Easy Institutes PDF Handwritten Notes for the subject - Theory of Machines for GATE on this page. These MADE Easy handwritten notes of Theory of Machines can be easily downloaded for FREE below. The Theory of Machines MADE Easy GATE Notes are as per the latest GATE syllabus as declared by the IITs. The notes have been prepared by MADE Easy toppers and are shared here for reference of all Mechanical Engineering GATE aspirants.

List of GATE syllabus topics covered in Theory of Machines MADE Easy PDF Notes for GATE:

  • Flywheels and governors
  • Balancing of reciprocating and rotating masses
  • Gyroscope
  • Displacement, velocity and acceleration analysis of plane mechanisms
  • Dynamic analysis of linkages
  • Cams, gears and gear trains
You can easily download Theory of Machines MADE Easy PDF Notes for GATE by clicking the link below. Further, if you have any queries regrading this subject, or any other aspect of your preparation for ME GATE preparation, please leave a comment below.

There are many Mech. Engg. GATE experts and toppers who can help and answer your queries. All the best :)


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