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Mar 26, 2018
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Hi Electrical Engineering GATE Aspirants, I am sharing the Electrical Machines Solved Previous Year Questions for GATE. The attached PDF contains all questions asked in previous years of Electrical Engineering GATE Exam for the topic - Electrical Machines along with Answers.

The topics that are covered in this PDF containing Electrical Machines Year GATE Solved Questions are: Single phase transformer: equivalent circuit, phasor diagram, open circuit and short circuit tests, regulation and efficiency; Three phase transformers: connections, parallel operation; Auto‐transformer, Electromechanical energy conversion principles, DC machines: separately excited, series and shunt, motoring and generating mode of operation and their characteristics, starting and speed control of dc motors; Three phase induction motors: principle of operation, types, performance, torque-speed characteristics, no-load and blocked rotor tests, equivalent circuit, starting and speed control; Operating principle of single phase induction motors; Synchronous machines: cylindrical and salient pole machines, performance, regulation and parallel operation of generators, starting of synchronous motor, characteristics; Types of losses and efficiency calculations of electric machines.

This GATE Solved Question Paper for the Electrical Engineering Topic - Electrical Machines will help you understand the type of questions asked in earlier years of GATE and help in preparing effectively.

You can easily download for free - Electrical Machines GATE Solved Questions Previous Year for Electrical Engineering by clicking the download link below.


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