[PDF] Digital Principles & System Design (DSD) Notes, eBook Download


Hey buddies, I am sharing the PDF notes eBook for Digital principles & system design as per the syllabus of electronics branch engineering students. This book for Digital principles & system design will help you in your studies for your semester examination and assist you in getting good marks.

The following topics are covered in these notes & eBook on Digital principles & system design:

UNIT I BOOLEAN ALGEBRA AND LOGIC GATES - Review of Binary Number Systems, Binary Arithmetic, Binary Codes, Boolean Algebra and Theorems, Boolean Functions, Simplifications of Boolean Functions Using Karnaugh Map and Tabulation Methods, Implementation of Boolean Functions using Logic Gates.

UNIT II COMBINATIONAL LOGIC - Combinational Circuits, Analysis and Design Procedures - Circuits for Arithmetic Operations, Code Conversion, Hardware Description Language (HDL).

UNIT III DESIGN WITH MSI DEVICES - Decoders and Encoders, Multiplexers and Demultiplexers, Memory and Programmable Logic, HDL for Combinational Circuits

UNIT IV SYNCHRONOUS SEQUENTIAL LOGIC - Sequential Circuits, Flip flops, Analysis and Design Procedures - State Reduction and State Assignment, Shift Registers, Counters, HDL for Sequential Circuits.

UNIT V ASYNCHRONOUS SEQUENTIAL LOGIC - Analysis and Design of Asynchronous Sequential Circuits - Reduction of State and Flow Tables, Race-Free State Assignment, Hazards, ASM Chart.

You can simply download these lectures/eBook on Digital principles & system design by clicking the document icon below.


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WoW!! Thanks for sharing these super helpful class lecture notes on Digital principles & system design for electronics engineering students. Keep rocking!!

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