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Mar 26, 2018
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Hi Electronics & Communications/Telecommunications Engineering GATE Aspirants, I am sharing the Digital Circuits Solved Previous Year Questions for GATE. The attached PDF contains all questions asked in previous years of Electronics & Communications/Telecommunications Engineering GATE Exam for the topic - Digital Circuits along with Answers.

The topics that are covered in this PDF containing Digital Circuits Year GATE Solved Questions are: Number systems; Combinatorial circuits: Boolean algebra, minimization of functions using Boolean identities and Karnaugh map, logic gates and their static CMOS implementations, arithmetic circuits, code converters, multiplexers, decoders and PLAs; Sequential circuits: latches and flip‐flops, counters, shift‐registers and finite state machines; Data converters: sample and hold circuits, ADCs and DACs; Semiconductor memories: ROM, SRAM, DRAM; 8-bit microprocessor (8085): architecture, programming, memory and I/O interfacing.

This GATE Solved Question Paper for the Electronics & Communications/Telecommunications Engineering Topic - Digital Circuits will help you understand the type of questions asked in earlier years of GATE and help in preparing effectively.

You can easily download for free - Digital Circuits GATE Solved Questions Previous Year for Electronics & Communications/Telecommunications Engineering by clicking the download link below.


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