[PDF] Chemistry Class 11 Free CBSE NCERT Based Notes, eBook Download


Your search for Chemistry NCERT based notes/eBook PDF for Class 11 CBSE and state board students will end here.

I am sharing the complete study material for Chemistry for class 11 students. The attached PDF file contains comprehensive lecture notes for your preparation of Chemistry subject for class 11 exams.

Chemistry class 11 NCERT based eBook and lecture notes contains the following topics:

  • Inorganic Chemistry: Chemical Calculations, General Introduction to Metallurgy, Atomic Structure - I, Periodic Classification - I, Group 1 s-Block elements, Group 2 s-Block elements, p-Block elements
  • Physical Chemistry: Solid state - I, Gaseous state - I, Chemical Bonding, Colligative Properties, Thermodynamics - I, Chemical Equilibrium - I, Chemical Kinetics - I
  • Organic Chemistry: Basic Concepts of Organic Chemistry, Purification of Organic compounds, Detection and Estimation of Elements, Hydrocarbons, Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Organic Halogen Compounds
I hope you like this study material for Chemistry class 11 and this helps you in your CBSE/State Board exams.

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hello.............. I am new here and I tried Download Class XI Chemistry Notes the Site ask me for log in and then it happens again and again I even try to refresh the web page still log in bar coming...........my request is to please have a check in this chemistry Class XI Notes link....and please give a feedback for downloading Class XI Chemistry Notes..
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just make the account and open it next day or after some time and u will be able to download it.it happened with me to bro no need to worry


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it's easy to download dear.. try once again.. some technical problem might be there..! / try with new login membr..!

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