[PDF] BTech Mechanical Major Summer Project Report on Design & Modeling of Axial Micro Gas Turbine - Free Download


Feb 19, 2015
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Hello guys, check out this new summer project for Mechanical Engineering students on the topic - Design and modeling of axial micro gas turbine.

Abstract of the Design & Modeling of Axial Micro Gas Turbine Mechanical Engineering Summer Project: Micro turbines are becoming widely used for combined power generation and heat applications. Their size varies from small scale units like models crafts to heavy supply like power supply to hundreds of households. Micro turbines have many advantages over piston generators such as low emissions less moving parts, accepts commercial fuels. Gas turbine cycle and operation of micro turbine was studied and reported.

Brief description on CAD software and CATIA studied and reported. Different parts (Inlet. Storage, Nozzle, Rotor , coupling ,outlet ,clip ,housing) of turbine are designed with the help of CATIA (Computer Aided Three Dimensional Interactive Analysis) software. Then they were assembled to a single unit and coupled to a generator to produce power. The turbine is of Axial input and axial output type. Finally rapid prototyping machine features and parts were discussed and presented.

Just click on the PDF icon to start the downloading of BTech ME major project report on design and modeling of axial micro gas turbine.


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