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Mar 26, 2018
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Dear BBA students, here I am sharing an excellent PDF eBook containing the notes for Managerial Economics as per the BBA course. It is one of the most important subjects of BBA and these brief notes will help you study quickly for your Managerial Economics exam.

List of key topics covered in BBA Managerial Economics Notes, eBook PDF file:

  • Nature and Scope of Managerial Economics: Meaning, characteristics, scope and subject matter relationship with other disciplines- decision making and forward planning
  • Fundamental principles of managerial economics: Opportunity cost principle, incremental principal, principle of time perspective, discounting principle and equi-marginal principle
  • Demand Analysis: Meaning and definition of demand, determinants of demand, law of demand, exception to the law of demand, elasticity of demand.Demand Forecasting, Meaning and definitions - methods of demand forecasting, criteria of good forecasting methods
  • Production Analysis: Concept of production function – cost– meaning, money, real, opportunity, implicit and explicit, short–run costs, total cost, fixed cost economics of scale. Revenue – meaning – total revenue, average revenue and marginal revenue- Break even analysis break even chart
  • Market Structures: Meaning of a market and market structure-Classification of markets: Perfect competition, Monopoly, Monopolistic and Oligopoly-meaning, definition and Price Output determination
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Oct 5, 2020
Best PDF notes ever for BBA Managerial Economics - just go for it to score better in your exams!