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Mar 30, 2018
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Hey Folks, on this thread, I have shared the PDF lecture notes for the B.Com. First year subject – Monetary economics of third year students .

These notes and eBook on Monetary economics have been prepared by experienced Commerce faculty and toppers and will provide you with easy to study material. There are 28 no. of pages in this PDF lecture notes and the PDF file can be easily downloaded below.

List of key topics in Monetary economics PDF Notes eBook for B.Com. Third Year:

  • Commercial Bank - functions of commercial banks, credit creation mechanism
  • Central Bank - functions of central bank
  • Methods of credit control - quantitative methods, qualitative methods
  • Quantity theory of money - cash balance approach
  • Keynes theory of demand for money, liquidity preference theory
  • Deflation - effects of deflation, measures to control deflation
  • Monetary policy and its objectives - instruments of monetary policy
  • Fiscal policy - objectives and instruments
  • Budgetary policies
You can download the PDF lecture notes eBook for the subject - Monetary economics below. I hope you like them and get help in your studies. Moreover, please feel free to ask any query below or LIKE this post to motivate me to share more study materials with all students! Cheers!!


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