Metrology, Quality control and reliability notes/ebook pdf download for ME/AU/IP

Mar 15, 2017
hi friends

Here i have uploaded lecture notes/ebook for the topic Metrology, Quality control and reliability. These notes arer of high quality and will definitely help you to prepare well for your semester exams.

Topics covered:
Module- I

  • Module- I
1. Need of inspection, sources of errors, basic types of errors precision and accuracy.
Method of estimating accuracy and precision , standard and their evolutions. (4)
2. simple measurement tools: Rules, calipers, height gauges, micrometers, depth
gauge dial indicator, slip gauges, sine bar.

  • Module-II
3. Limit, fits and tolerance and gauge design: Basic concepts of limit fits and tolerance
interchangeability and selective assembly, ISO system of tolerance, Taylor's principle of
gauge design, Gauge design- basic design rules for plug and ring gauges. (6)
4. Interferometers: Types of light sources and interferometers, Types of scale and
grading, optical flats.

  • Module-III
5. Screw thread measurement : Standard thread profiles, effective diameter,
measurement of effective diameter by 2 wires and 3 wires methods. Best wire size (5)
6. Surface roughness: Source of surface irregularities in manufacturing. Roughness
and waviness RMC and CLA values measurement of surface roughness using Taylor
Hobson's Talysurf

  • Module- IV
7. Statistical quality control: Frequency distribution, process capability variables and
attributes control chart (X & R chart) for variables, control chart for attributes (p,np and C
chart) OC curve single and double sampling plan.(7)
8. Reliability: Definition, relationship of reliability with maintainability and availability,
failure data analysis- bath tub curve, system reliability, reliability improvement

These notes can be downloaded by clicking on the pdf icon below.