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Feb 21, 2015
Hey my MCA friends!

I am here sharing the pdf notes for Simulation & Modelling as per the syllabus of MCA students. This ebook for Simulation & modelling will help you in your studies for your semester examination and assist you in getting good marks.

The following topics are covered in these notes & ebook for Simulation & Modelling:

Unit-1 - Inventory Concept:
The technique of Simulation, Major application areas, concept of a System, Environment, Continuous and discrete systems, systems modeling types of
models progress of a Simulation Study, Monte Carlo Method, Comparison of Simulation and Analytical Methods. Numerical Computation Technique for discrete and continuous models, Continuous System Simulation.

Unit-2 - Probability Concepts in Simulation : Stochastic variables, Discrete and Continuous Probability Functions, Numerical evaluation of continuous probability functions,
continuous uniformly distributed random numbers, Random Number Generators, Linear congruential Generator, Mid Square Method, Multiplicative Congruential generator, rejection Method, Testing of random Numbers, Generation of Stochastic variates, Arrival Patterns Service times.

Unit-3 - Discrete System Simulation and GPSS: Discrete Events, Representation of Time, generation of arrival patterns, fixed time step versus next event simulation, Simulation
of a Telephone System, delayed calls. Introduction to GPSS : Creating and moving transactions, queues, facilities and storages, gathering statistics, conditional transfers,
program control statements, priorities and parameters, standard numerical attributes, functions, gates, logic switches and tests, Variables, Select and Count.

Unit-4 - Simulation Languages and Practical Systems: Continuous and discrete systems languages, factors in the section of discrete systems simulation language. Computer model of queuing, inventory and scheduling systems. Design and Evaluation of simulation Experiments: Length of simulation runs, validation, variance reduction techniques, experimental layout, analysis of simulation output, Recent trends and developments.

You can easily download these eBook lecture notes pdf for Simulation & Modelling (MCA) by clicking the link below.


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