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Feb 19, 2015
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Hello MBA students,

I am sharing a wonderful summary eBook of the MBA subject - Working capital management. These lecture notes on MBA Working capital management will help you quickly revise and prepare during your MBA exams.

List of key topics covered in MBA Working capital management summary eBook / lecture notes is as follows:

  • Concepts and Determination of Working Capital
  • Conceptual Framework, Operating Environment of Working Capital, Determination of Working Capital Theories and Approaches
  • Management of Current Assets
  • Management of Receivables, Management of Cash, Management of Marketable Securities, Management of Inventory
  • Financing of Working Capital Needs
  • Bank Credit: Principles and Practices, Bank Credit: Methods of Assessment and Appraisal, Other Sources of
  • Short Term Finance, Working Capital Control and Banking Policy
  • Capital control, Banking System Reformation, Tasks of the monetary policy, the banking system reform,
  • Perfection of banking legislation, Banking Reform in India, Working Capital Management: An Integrated View
  • Liquidity vs. Profitability, Payables Management Planning for Working Capital Investment Factors Influencing
  • Working Capital Performance, Corporate working capital management, Money Market in India
  • India Money Market, India Market Size, Global Integration of India's Money Market, Model and Estimation
Simply click the download link below to get MBA Working capital management summary eBook and lecture notes PDF File.


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