MBA training report on topic working capital at SJVN Shimla H.P PDF download


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Aug 15, 2022
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Hi MBA students,
I am sharing a MBA on the job training project report on the topic working capital at SJVN Shimla H.P in a PDF file on this thread. This MBA summer training project report has been successfully submitted by one of your senior MBA prost graduate and scored very good marks from the professor.

Here is the objective/abstract covered in this MBA on the job training project report on working capital at SJVN Shimla H.P-
  • Operating and maintaining power stations with maximum performance efficiency
  • Establishing and following sound business, financial and regulatory policies
  • Taking up of other hydro power projects
  • Completion of the new projects allocated to SJVN in an efficient and cost effective manner
  • Use of the best project management practices for the project implementation by applying latest universally accepted Project Management Techniques and by enabling its engineers, to become certified Project Managers through further trainings
  • Dissemination of available in-house technical and managerial expertise to other utilities / projects
  • Creating work culture and work environment conducive to the growth and development of both the organization and the individuals through introduction of participative management philosophy
  • Fulfilling social commitments to the society. Achieving constructive cooperation and building personal relations with stakeholders. peers. and other related organization
  • Striving clean and green project environment with minimal ecological and social disturbances
  • To strive for acquiring Nav Ratna Status
Simply click the download link below to get on the job training project on topic working capital at SJVN Shimla H.P for MBA course.


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