MBA marketing strategy project research on Gillette


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I am sharing a MBA project on marketing strategy research on Gillette. Check out a brief on the PGDM/MBA project report below.

Brief on marketing strategy research on Gillette

The report presented here is an effort to understand the marketing strategy adopted by Gillette. To analyze how Gillette positioned its Mach 3 product into an Indian market in the habit of conventional methods of using either a double edged razor or an ustara?

When Gillette entered India with their knowledge of the US market, little did they realize the challenges of the Indian market. As once study proclaims that the Gillette executives who ranged from engineers to developers (all 20 of them) spent about 3000 hours discussing and observing over 1000 odd consumers.

This study is an attempt to analyze the positioning, target segment and strategies of Gillette.

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