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Hello Friends, I am sharing an awesome summarized eBook on Marketing management for all the students pursuing MBA. This PDF lecture notes/summarized eBook will help you quickly revise the syllabus for exams.

The key topics covered in this MBA summary eBook / notes of Marketing management are as follows:

> Concepts of Marketing Management: Definition and Concepts: Definitions of Marketing, Scope of Marketing; Core Marketing Concepts: Concept of Demand and Supply; Transaction; Major Marketing Management Philosophy; Social Marketing.

> Marketing Environment - Internal & External: Marketing Environment Forces; Macro Environment; Micro and Internal Environment; Factors Influencing Consumer Buyer Behavior; Buyer Decision Process; Inputs for Buying Decision Process; Consumer Trends; Market Segmentation Process.

> Developing Market Strategies and the Offerings Part,I: Positioning and Differentiation: Concept, Positioning according to Ries and Trout, Various Tools of Differentiation; Product Decisions and Strategies; Product Mix; Product Life Cycle; Brand Positioning; Brand Identity; Equity and Packaging.

> Developing Market Strategies and the Offerings - Part II: Introduction to Service Marketing; Differentiating Services; Product and Service Price; Response to Change in Price; Pricing Strategies.

> Delivering Marketing Programs, Part III: Marketing through Channel Partners; Wholesalers and Retailers: Current Trend; Channel Management.

> Delivering Marketing Programs, Part II: Market Communication, Process for Effective Communication; Advertising; Different Advertising Media; Sales Promotion; Public Relations; Direct Marketing; Personal Selling: Concepts and Process; Management of Sales Force.

You can easily download these notes, eBook for MBA Marketing management by clicking the link below.


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Thank you for the amazing share. This Marketing management notes PDF document is super helpful.
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