MBA IB - Global Marketing Management (GMM) Notes & eBook - Second Year Sem 3



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I welcome you to my MBA thread on Studynama Community. On this thread, I have shared the PDF lecture notes for the subject – GLOBAL MARKETING MANAGEMENT .

These notes and eBook on GLOBAL MARKETING MANAGEMENT have been prepared by experienced MBA IB faculty and toppers and will provide you with easy to study material. There are 277 no. of pages in this PDF lecture notes and the PDF file can be easily downloaded below.

List of key topics in GLOBAL MARKETING MANAGEMENT Notes eBook:
  • UNIT – I
Introduction to International Marketing - Nature and significance; Complexities in international marketing; Transition from domestic to transnational marketing; International market orientation- EPRG framework; International market entry strategies – market segmentation – Global market entry strategies
  • UNIT – II
International Marketing Environment - Internal environment; External environment- geographical, demographic, economic, socio-cultural, political and legal environment; Impact of environment on international marketing decisions.
  • UNIT – III
Product Decisions - Product planning for global markets; Standardisation vs Product adaptation; New product development; Management of international brands; Packaging and labeling; Provision of sales related services.
  • UNIT – IV
Pricing Decisions - Environmental influences on pricing decisions; International pricing policies and
strategies. Promotion Decisions: Complexities and issues; International advertising, personal selling, sales
promotion and public relations.
  • UNIT – V
Distribution Channels and Logistics - Functional and types of channels; Channel selection decisions; Selection of foreign distributors/agents and managing relations with them; International logistics decisions

You can download the PDF lecture notes eBook for the subject - GLOBAL MARKETING MANAGEMENT below. I hope you like them and get help in your studies. Moreover, please feel free to ask any query below or LIKE this post to motivate me to share more study materials with all students!



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