Mass Spectrometry & Nuclear Magnetic Resonance B.Pharma 7th semester lecture notes, ebooks & PDF download


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Mass Spectrometry (MS) & Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy are crucial analytical techniques for B.Pharm students. MS determines the molecular weight & elemental composition of a sample, while NMR determines the structure & chemical environment of a molecule. These techniques play a key role in drug discovery, development & quality control. Understanding MS & NMR is essential for success in the pharmaceutical industry.

So, I am sharing lecture notes, ebooks and PDF for B.Pharma 7th Semester Ph Analysis Unit-II MS & Unit-II NMR for you all to download. Just click on the PDF below and it will start downloading. We are updating latest study material for B.Phama so keep visiting Studynama.

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