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Mar 12, 2015
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Check out this superb ebook on Managing human resource issues for MBA and Management students. There are few lecture notes with me that i will share later. The modules covered in this PDF of Managing human resource issues are as follows:

Differing Perspectives of Human Resource Management - Different Perspectives of Human Resource Management (HRM): Soft and, Hard Human Resource Management, Loose and, Tight Human Resource Management (Guest); Storey's Definitions between HRM and IR; Personnel Practices: Treating Employees as an Asset Rather than a Cost, Emphasis on Training and Development; HRM as a Strategic form of Management (Devolution of Function to Line Managers, Employee Empowerment).

Flexibility within the Workplace - Flexible Working Methods: the Core and Periphery Workforce Model, Employment of Part-time and Temporary Staff, Tele-working, Homeworking; Job Sharing Functional Flexibility: Multiskilling, Job Enrichment, Job Enlargement, Flexible Working Groups, Training Needs; Changing Role of Supervisor Temporal Flexibility: Overtime, Flexi-Time, Annual Hours Contracts, Zero Hours Contracts, Shift Patterns. Labor Market: Labour Market Demographics, Employment Statistics, Local, Regional and National Labour Markets.

Equal Opportunities within the Workplace - Discrimination in Employment: Forms of Discrimination, e.g. Gender, Ethnicity, Religion, Disability, Age, Sexual Orientation, Education; The Legislative Framework: Direct and Indirect Discrimination; Legislation Equal Opportunities in Employment: Codes of Practice, Implementing Policy, Training Requirements, Equal Opportunities Practices and Initiatives in the Workplace; Monitoring Equal Opportunity Initiatives: Opportunity 2000, Positive Action Approaches e.g. Recruitment and Selection Policies, Managing the Diverse Workforce.

Welfare Provision - The Traditional Welfare Function: Occupational Health Practices and Policies, the Management of Ill Health at Work, Bereavement, Costs and Absenteeism, Accidents at Work (Statistics); Health and Safety Legislation: Welfare Benefits and Services, the Role of the Health and Safety Commission, European Community Directives; New Models of Welfare: Ergonomics, Passive Smoking, Sick Building Syndrome, Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Stress Management, Private Health Care, Employee Assistance Programmes, HIV and AIDS, Workplace Counseling, Recognition of Religious Practices.

Human Resource Practices -
Human Resource Practices: Recruitment, Selection, Welfare Provision, Training, Reward, Human Resource Management in the United Kingdom: Consider different Human Resource Practices in the United Kingdom.

You can simply download these notes/eBook on Managing human resource issues below.


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