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Hi Guys, I am sharing with you this excellent PDF eBook on Managerial economics as per the syllabus of MBA and PGDM students. This eBook is highly recommended for MBA or management students as it contains all key topics in brief for a quick revision during exams.

Key topics covered in Managerial Economics eBook, Lecture Notes PDF:

Basics of Managerial Economics - Introduction to Economics, Basics of Managerial Economics, Introduction to Economics, Nature and Scope of Managerial Economics, Managerial Economics & Economics Related Disciplines Interrelationship with Other Subjects, Economics Tools.

Demand Theory - Demand Analysis, Elasticity Concepts, Demand Forecasting, and Importance of Demand forecasting Cost of Production: Cost Analysis, Economic of Scale, Cost Reduction and Cost control, Capital Budgeting.

Production Theory - Introduction to Production Concept, Production Analysis, Stage of Production, Return to Scale, Supply Analysis.

Market Analysis - Introduction to market Structure, Perfect Competition, Monopoly, Oligopoly and Pricing.

You can easily download Managerial Economics eBook, Lecture Notes PDF file by clicking the link below.


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