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Feb 21, 2015
Hi M.Com. Students, I am sharing these amazingly helpful notes for the subject Management Science. These PDF notes eBook on Management Science will help you efficiently prepare for M.Com. semester examinations and score better marks. More details on these notes:

• Subject name – Management Science
• Course – M.Com.
• File type – PDF
• Pages – 160

Topics covered in Management Science PDF Notes/eBook for M.Com. course:

  • Module 1 - Introduction to Management Science- Types of decisions; Steps in decision making; Quantitative analysis and decision making; Different types of models and their uses; Model building steps.
  • Module 2 - Linear Programming: Basic concepts; mathematical formulation and applications; Solution of LP problem using graphic and simplex method; – Application in Business. Transportation and Assignment: Formulation; Solving transportation (NWC method – Least Cost method– Vogel's approximations method – stepping stone method – Modified Distribution method) and assignment problems (Hungarian Method).
  • Module 3 - Inventory and Queuing Management: Concepts of inventory management; Inventory models –classical EOQ, planned shortage model- deciding optimum safety stock and reorder level. Queuing models: Elements of a queuing system; Models with Poisson arrival and Exponential services rates single server and infinite and finite population.
  • Module 4 - Project Scheduling: Concepts of PERT & CPM techniques and their applications; Network analysis scheduling activities, determining critical path, calculation of floats; Time-cost trade-off; Resource allocation and resource levelling.
  • Module 5 - Markov Chains and Theory of Games: Markov Chains- decision processes; Market share analysis; Account receivable analysis. Game Theory- Pure strategy games; Mixed strategy games; Value of the game; Rules of Dominance.
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