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Mar 12, 2015
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I am sharing with you this excellent ebook on Management control systems in PDF format. This ebook is highly recommended for MBA or management students.I will also share the lecture notes on this subject.The course content in this book is as follows:

Management control systems

Management Control: Concepts and Contexts

Management System: An Introduction, Strategies and Management Control, Designing Management Control System, co-ordination and controlling, Meaning of co-ordination, Significance of co-ordination, Meaning of controlling, Characteristics of control, why control is needed, Process of control, Good control system.

Management Control Structure & Process

Responsibility Center, Profit Center, Transfer Pricing, Investment Center, Budgeting and Reporting, Performance Measurement, Reward and Compensation, Techniques of Management and Management Control.

Accountability and Control

Difference between Accountability and Control, Reasons of Accountability and control, Does Full Accrual, Accounting Enhance Accountability, Private Goods vs. Public Goods, Concepts Underlying Full Accrual, Accounting, Summary of Full Accrual Accounting Concepts, Mixed Organizations.

Legislative Control and Administration

Legislative Control in a Parliamentary Form of Government, Judicial Control over Administration and Protect the Citizen's Rights, Sources of Administrative Power, The problems created by the administration, Judicial Control over Administration: An Overview, Judicial Control of Administrative Action in UK, Judicial Control of Administrative Action in Bangladesh, Financial Accountability and Control: Budget administration, Accounting and classification systems.


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