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Feb 28, 2015
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Helloo Fellows, Maintenance engineering E-content is one of the most important subject in Mechanical, Automobile and Industrial Production engineering branch. So, i thought to share this excellent notes, eBook for Maintenance engineering in the PDF format for you all to download and study.

These notes, book, eBook on Maintenance engineering cover the following topics.

  • UNIT I PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICES OF MAINTENANCE PLANNING - Basic principles of maintenance planning – Objectives and principles of planned maintenance activity – Importance and benefits of sound maintenance systems – Reliability and machine availability – MTBF, MTTR and MWT – Factors of availability – Maintenance organization – Maintenance economics.
  • UNIT II MAINTENANCE POLICIES – PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE - Maintenance categories – Comparative merits of each category – Preventive maintenance, maintenance schedules and repair cycle – Principles and methods of lubrication – TPM.
  • UNIT III CONDITION MONITORING - Condition monitoring – Cost comparison with and without CM – On-load testing and off-load testing – Methods and instruments for CM – Temperature sensitive tapes – Pistol thermometers – Wear-debris analysis.
  • UNIT IV REPAIR METHODS FOR BASIC MACHINE ELEMENTS - Repair methods for beds, slide-ways, spindles, gears, lead screws and bearings – Failure analysis – Failures and their development – Logical fault location methods – Sequential fault location.
  • UNIT V REPAIR METHODS FOR MATERIAL HANDLING EQUIPMENT - Repair methods for material handling equipment – Equipment records – Job order systems –Use of computers in maintenance.
Please click the download link below to get Maintenance engineering PDF notes, eBook, Book file.


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Sep 11, 2018
Yes Maintenance engineering E-content is also here, I found amazing notes and ebook ! keep up the good work guys


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Sep 20, 2020
Wow, thanks! This is THE best free study material ever for Maintenance engineering subject – these PDF notes eBook for Maintenance engineering would be a great help for all Mechanical/Automobile engineering students.

I am bookmarking Studynama for my future reference!