Macro Economics for managers project on fiscal & monetary policy in India


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Feb 19, 2015
Hey Guys,

I am sharing a project for students who are pursuing MBA/PGDM. It is a Macro Economics for managers project on fiscal & monetary policy in India. Please find below the details & topics covered in this summer internship project report.


Present government has decided following main Objectives of Fiscal Policy in India

  • Development by effective allocation of Resources
  • Expenditure of Financial Resources
  • Reduction of Income and Wealth inequalities
  • Price Stability and Control of Inflation
  • Employment Generation
  • Balanced Regional Development
  • Capital Formation
  • Increasing National Income
  • Development of Infrastructure
  • To Aid economy for growth revival
  • To institutionalize the co-operative federal structure in light of emerging views on the Centre-State fiscal relations
  • Growth in expenditure
  • Reduction in fiscal deficit.
  • To encourage economic growth

To ensure stability of exchange rate of the rupee, that is, exchange rate of rupee with the US dollar, pound sterling and other foreign currencies.
India's economic policies are very important for future growth and up-liftment of people.

To download this interesting project on Macro Economics for managers, click on the link given below.


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