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Mar 12, 2015
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You can now download the ebook of Logistic & retail information in PDF format. This is a resource for all MBA and management students.The lecture notes on Logistic & retail information is also available on this forum. The topics covered in this ebook are as follows:

Logistic & retail information

Concepts Objectives and Elements of Logistics Concept of logistics; Importance of logistics; Objectives of logistics; Components of Logistics. Logistics Subsystem Marketing Logistics; Essence of Logistics In Marketing; Marketing Trends; Relevance of Logistics In Export Management; Importance of Logistics as a Strategic Resource; Trade-Off Analysis; Forms of Logistics Management.Integrated Logistics Work of Logistic; Integrated Logistics; Barriers to Internal Integration

Supply Chain Relationships Part I Introduction; Channel Structure; the Economics of Distribution;
Specialization; Assortment; Concentration; Customization, Supply Chain Relationship Part II Supply Chain Competitiveness; Risk, Power, and Leadership; Elements of Success; Logistical Service Alliances; Factors Stimulating Service Based Alliances; Core Specialization; Power Clarity; Cooperation Emphasis; Regional Alliances Create Transcontinental Moves; Integrated Logistics Service Provider.

Transportation Transport Functionality and Principles; Product Movement; Product Storage; Relationship between the Shipper, the Consignee, and the Public Multi-Modal Transport Concept of Multimode Transport; Features of Multimodal Transport System; Advantages of Multimodal Transport; Suppliers of Transportation Services; Typical Carrier Ancillary Services Warehousing Introduction; Definitions as per Bombay Warehouse Act, 1959; Evolution of Concept of Warehousing; Importance / Benefits of Warehousing; Warehouse Operating Principles; Developing the Warehouse Resource.

Information Systems Creating Strategic Advantage through Information Systems; Information Flows; the
Physical Flow of Merchandise – Logistics; Distribution Center; Collaboration between Retailers and Venders in
Supply Chan Management; Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).


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