Leadership & management lecture notes,ebook,pdf download for MBA students


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Mar 12, 2015
Hi Fellas,

Check out this superb eBook on Leadership & Management for MBA and Management students. There are few lecture notes with me that i will share later.

The key topics covered in this PDF notes, eBook of Leadership & Management are as follows:

Effective Leadership

The nature and importance of leadership, classical theories, modern theories, leadership and management and the skills of a leader.

Goal Setting

The need for objective setting, profit and other objectives, social and ethical responsibilities, corporate objectives and personal objectives, quantitative and qualitative target setting, identifying performance standards and accountability and methods to measure achievement of objectives.

Conflict Management
Causes of conflict, managing conflict, dealing with grievance and disciplinary matters, appropriate procedures, process understanding, the role of management, communication of the outcome of the disciplinary process and appeals.


The key theories of motivation, classical theories, modern theories, content and process theories of motivation, motivating staff, reward schemes and the importance of constructive feedback. High Performance Teams, The need for teams, team-building, the composition of successful teams, the differences between teams and groups, the development of teams, rewarding a team and evaluating team performance.


The need for communication, communication models, the importance to the manager of effective communication, the effect of poor communication, communication patterns and the process of consultation. Managing Organizational Change. List of major external forces of change for organizations, organizational sources of resistance to change, individual sources of resistance to change, managing resistance to change, Lewin's model of planned organizational change and the expanded change process model and role of change sponsors, change agents and change targets.

Service Excellence

Introduce the concept of service excellence, describe the four components of service, enumerate the key factors in delivering superior service to customers, list the key requirements for empowering frontline employees, identify the four stages of empowerment and highlight global best practices in service excellence.

Total Quality Management

Defining quality and introducing TQM, customers and suppliers as dimensions of quality, commitment and culture as essential components of TQM, building blocks of TQM: People, Performance, Systems & Process, introducing the quality gurus, Deming, Juran & Crosby, and their management philosophies.

You can easily download these notes, eBook on the subject Leadership & Management by clicking the download link below.


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Feb 13, 2019
This is great stuff. I really like this but I am unable to download. Download unsuccessful.
Please assit me to have access to the materials.