Internet Technology pdf download lecture notes/handout for MCA 5th sem


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Mar 16, 2017
Hi friends,

Here i am sharing high quality notes of the subject Internet Technology for MCA students. These notes are clear and concise and will definitely help you prepare well for your semester exams.

Key topics covered on this Internet Technology Notes, eBook for MCA students:

Module I
Internet architecture: Internet overview, evolution of internet. Internet components, Local Area Networks, Access Networks, Core Networks, Routers, Transmission infrastructure, ISPs. Packet switching fundamentals-Packet Switching versus Circuit Switching

Module II
Networking protocols: Network Protocol Overview: What are networking protocols, and what do they do? Key protocol architectures. IP Network Overview: What are the key IP network capabilities? How will these capabilities adapt to future network

Module III
Access Methods and Internet working: Access Network Architectures: Access network characteristics.
Differences between Access Networks, Local Area Networks and Wide Area Networks. Access

Module IV
Internet applications: FTP, Telnet, Email, Chat. World Wide Web: HTTP protocol. Search Engines. ECommerce and security issues including symmetric and asymmetric key, encryption and digital
signature, and authentication

These notes on Internet Technology can be downloaded by clicking on the pdf icon below.


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