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You can now download the lecture notes, ebooks, PDF of Internet Management.This ebook is very useful for CS/IT engineering students & BCA/MCA students.The modules covered in this PDF are as follows:

Internet Management

Environment: Review of the use of current Internet browser software and introduction of features URLs, DHTML, Java Scripts Interpreter, Java applets, plug-ins, protocols etc; Page elements; development of skills in the use of mark-up language (e g. DHTML) - headings, rules, frames, buttons, text and list boxes, hyperlink/anchors, graphical images, clickable images, map etc.
Survey: review of current design/linkage/structure of pages on the Internet Design: design of interlinkedpages/frame-based web application; Development: creation of a web application; Structure tags: definition lists,unordered lists, ordered lists; Style tags: text styles, images, colors, anchors, lists and lines; Linking: Linking toother areas of the same page, linking to other WWW pages, using images to link to other areas of the page.

Java script

Development and application of Java script; Simple scripts: Java script and HTML, even handlers, write, dialog boxes, the status line, colors, comment, working with different browsers; Variables and values: variables and types of data, creating variables, assigning values calculation, operator precedence, arrays, array methods, arrays of elements, strings; Program flow: testing values, loops, break, continue, branching, with if, the conditional operator, using functions Active page: dates, time, timeout, scrolling, text, sounds, controlling sounds, the embeds array Working with images: image files, image objects, simple animation, animated/animating gifts, image maps; Inter active systems: ;check boxes and radio buttons, links from lists, feedback on-line, checking entries, working in frames, windows control, the Java script URL.


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