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Hello MBA students,

This ebook of International practice in financial management and MBA students. You can easily download this PDF and study.

The content in this ebook on International practice in financial management is as follows:

Core Concept of International Finance Management

Significance of International Financial Management; World Monetary System; Challenges in Global Financial Market; Multinational Finance System; International and Multinational Banking.

International Banking and Finance

Exchange Rate Regime: A historical Perspective; International Monetary Fund: Modus Operandi; Fundamental of Monitory and Economic Unit; The Global Financial Market; Domestic and Offshore Market.

International Banking and Finance

Structure of Foreign Market; Forward Quotation and Contracts; Exchange Rate Regime and the status of Foreign Exchange Market; International Trade in Foreign Market International Trade in Banking Service; Monetization of Banking Operation.

International Banking and Finance

Structuring International Trade Transaction; Fundamental Equivalence Relationship; Structural Model For Foreign Exchange and Exposure Rates; Central Banking Intervention and Equivalence Approach; Issues in the Internalization Process of Foreign Investment and International Business.

Foreign Exchange Risk Management

Classification of Foreign Exchange and Exposure Unit; Management of Exchange Rate Risk Exposure.

Balance of Payment

Component of Balance Payment; Collection Reporting and Presentation of Statistics; International Flow of Goods, Service and Capital; Alternate Concept of,œBOP Surplus†and,œDeficitsâ€

Currency and Interest Rates
Currency and Interest Rates Futures; Currency Options; Financial Swap; Theories of Exchange rates Movement: Arbitrage and Law of One price' Inflation Risk and Currency Forecasting. International Capital Budgeting.Basics of Capital Budgeting; Issues in Financial Investment Analysis; International Project Appraisal; International Banking crises of 1982; Country Risk Analysis in International Banking.

Objective of Taxation on International Investment; U.S. Taxation of Multinational Investment Corporation; Tax Incentives for Foreign Trade

There are few lecture notes that i have on important topics of International practice in financial management, will also share soon. However, you can comment in the box below if you want some other ebook.


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