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Hello Friends,

I am sharing this awesome summary eBook and lecture notes on the MBA subject - International financial market management. This lecture notes and handouts on MBA International Financial Management will really help you revise and prepare quickly during your exams.

List of key topics covered in this eBook / notes of International Financial Management are as follows:

  • Balance of Payment: Introduction, Basics of Accounting Conventions, Objectives, Process and Importance of accounting conventions, Components of Balance of Payments, Factors affecting the components, Indian Scenario.
  • Balance of Payment: Foreign Scenario: Foreign Exchange Markets, Export and Import of Goods and Services, Trade Balance, Merchandise Trade Balance.
  • A Frame work for Global Finance-I: Financial markets, Measures and Significance of Global Financial Markets, Domestic and Offshore markets and their significance
  • A Frame work for Global Finance-II: Measures and Significance of Euro Markets, Interest rates in the Global Money Markets, Overview of Money Market Instruments.
  • International Equity Investment: Introduction, Risk and Return from Foreign Equity Investment, Equity Financing in International Markets and its Mechanism.
Please click the download link below to get International Financial Management summary eBook and lecture notes in PDF format.

>> You can also download another summary eBook on International financial management by CLICK HERE.


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Can't download :((((.... Edit post... And... finally success. Thank you!
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