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Feb 19, 2015
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Hi MBA Peers, I am sharing this excellent summary eBook and lecture notes on the MBA Finance subject - International Financial management in PDF format. This eBook is highly recommended for MBA or PGDM management students.

List of key topics covered in International Financial Management Summary eBook and Lecture Notes:

> International Banking and Financial Markets: International Finance: Aims and Objectives, Emerging Challenges, Finance Function in Global Context, Global Financial Markets, Growing Importance of International Finance, Euro or Offshore Markets Evolution; Interest Rates in Global Money Market; International Monetary System: Objectives of IMF, Sources of Funds, Exchange Rates and Par Values, International Liquidity, Special Drawing Rights, Alternative Systems of Exchange Rates-Classical Gold Standard System, Bretton Wood and Dollar Standards, European Monetary System, Hybrid System of Exchange Rates; Balance of Payments: Components; Foreign Exchange Market: Components, Exchange Rate Mechanism, Spot & Forward Rates, Indian Foreign Exchange Market, Exchange Dealers, RBI &Exchange Markets, Exchange Rate System in India, Euro currency Market, Euro Bond Mark; International Financial Institutions: World Bank, IBRD, Asian Development Bank, International Monetary Fund, International Finance Corporation.

> Foreign Exchange & Derivative Market: Introduction: Organisation of Foreign Exchange Market, Spot Market, Forward Market, Future Contracts, Currency Options, Swap and Interest Rates; Foreign Exchange Risk Management: Alternative Measures of Foreign Exchange Exposure, Alternative Currency Translation Methods, Transaction Exposure, Hedging Strategy, Managing Translation and Transaction Exposure, Foreign Exchange Risk and Economic Exposure, Calculating Economic Exposure, Operational Measure of Risk.

> International Working Capital Management: Financing Foreign Trade; Current Asset Management Short Term Financing; Multinational Financial System; International Financing: Equity Financing, Bond Financing, Direct Loans, Bank Financing, Govt and Development Lending, Capital Structure.

> International Capital Budgeting: Project Appraisal: Introduction, Review of the NPV Approach, Adjusted Present Value (APV) Framework, Appraisal in the International Context, Capital Structure and Cost of Capital, Political Risk Analysis, International Joint Ventures and Transfer Pricing, Country Risk Analysis.

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Feb 5, 2015
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Wow, thanks for these super helpful notes on International Financial Management for MBA course.