Industrial Pharmacy-2 B.Pharma 4th year handwritten PDF notes download


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Nov 8, 2017
Hi BPharma students,
I am sharing the B.Pharma 4th Year Semester 7th handwritten notes for the subject Industrial Pharmacy-2. This PDF file for Industrial Pharmacy-2 B.Pharma 7th semester subject contains brief and concise notes for easy understanding of topics and quick learning.

Main topics covered in these handwritten PDF notes for Industrial Pharmacy-2 BPharma 4th Year Sem. 7th:

Unit 1 - Methods to scale up Pilot plants
Unit 2 - Development and transfer in technology
Unit 3 - Introduction to Regulatory Affairs, The responsibilities of Regulatory Affairs Professionals, Regulatory conditions for approval of drugs to be approved for use
Unit 4 - Quality Management Systems
Unit 5 - Indian Regulatory Requirements

I hope these handwritten PDF notes on Industrial Pharmacy-2 of B.Pharma 4th Year Semester 7th will help you in preparing well for your Pharma college examinations. Good luck!


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