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Dear Mechanical Engineering Students,

On this page, I am sharing very good written classroom lecture notes in eBook PDF format on the subject - Industrial Engineering. The subject Industrial Engineering is mostly taught in the third year of the Mechanical engineering course.

I have uploaded this eBook handwritten lecture notes on Industrial Engineering in PDF format for easy downloading below. Here is more info on it:

Subject Name: Industrial Engineering
Course: Mechanical Engineering - Third Year
No. of Pages in this notes eBook: 58

Topics covered in Industrial Engineering lecture notes eBook:
  • To Study & Prepare Operation Process Chart (OPC) for given assembly.
  • To Study & Prepare Flow Process
  • Chart and Flow Diagram for given
  • assembly for OPC.
  • To study & Prepare Man-Machine Chart for the given situation.
  • To study & Calculate the coefficient of correlation for time study person using performance rating technique.
  • To study & Calculate standard time for given job.
  • To study & Prepare a frequency Distribution Curve for the data source given.
  • To study & Construct X bar- R Chart for given process.
  • To study & Construct P-chart for given process.
  • To study & Construct C-chart for given process.
  • To study about Sampling Plans & Decide about acceptance or rejection of a particular product using sampling plans.
  • Example solved on plant layout.
  • Example solved on Forecasting.
You can download these lecture notes eBook for the subject - Industrial Engineering below.





This isn't a handwritten lab manual you can find the same pdf from darshan institute of technology website. Don't register yourself to download this crap
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