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This is a awesome ebook on Industrial business management for all the student pursuing management courses or MBA. This ebook is in PDF format for you all to download. You can also find lecture notes and handouts in this section which will really help you during your exams.However, the topics covered in this ebook are as follows:

Industrial business management

International Business

Introduction; Significance; Nature and Recent Trends; Features of International Business Environment; Culture, Dynamics in Assessing Global Markets; International Political Spectrum and Management Decisions.

International Business Environment

Economic Classifications and Transformation Processes Affecting International Business; International Legal Environment; Emerging Markets & Strategic Implications; Technological and Demographic Environment.

Co-operative Business in International Operations

Regulations & Barrier to Free Trade; International Commodity Agreements: GSP & GSTP; GATT; WTO: Principles, Structure, Major Agreements, Conference & Third World Stand; Economic Integrators: IMF, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, UNCTAD, UNIDO.

India in the Global Setting

Foreign Trade in India; EXIM Policy; Composition of Trade; Government Influence on Foreign Trade: Export Promotion Measures.

International Monetary System & Foreign Exchange Market

Introduction to International Monetary System & Foreign Exchange Market; Business Implications of Exchange Rate Movement; Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA); Internationalization of Stock Market.


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