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Feb 5, 2015
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Dear Class 11 Students, I am sharing the Class 11th History subject brief revision notes, textbook solutions, solved papers in HINDI Medium. This PDF file for History class 11 subject is in Hindi Medium and as per the Arts CBSE syllabus and will help you prepare quickly for your exams, find answers to textbook problems as well as get solved previous papers.

List of topics/chapters covered in History notes, NCERT solutions in Hindi Medium PDF File for Arts CBSE syllabus:

  • Introduction to World History
  • Section A: Early Societies
    • From the beginning of time
    • Early Cities
  • Section B: Empires
    • An empire across three continents
    • Central Islamic lands
    • Nomadic Empires
  • Section C: Changing Traditions
    • Three orders
    • Changing cultural traditions
    • Confrontation of cultures
  • Section D: Paths to Modernization
    • The Industrial Revolution
    • Displacing indigenous People
    • Paths to modernization
Please click the download link below to get PDF file containing History notes, NCERT solutions in Hindi Medium for Class 11 Arts CBSE syllabus.


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