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Mar 15, 2017
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Here i am uploading some high quality notes for the subject Geotechnical Engineering-2. These notes are really good and will definitely help you prepare well for this subject's semester exam. All the best.

Key Topics Covered in these pdf notes, eBook for Geotechnical Engineering-2:

Module, I
Stress distribution in soil: Boussinesq equations, Stress isobar and pressure bulb concept, pressure distribution on horizontal and vertical planes, stresses due to point load, line load, strip load, uniformly loaded circular and rectangular areas

Lateral earth pressure and retaining structures: Earth pressure at rest, active and passive earth pressure. Earth pressure theories, Rankine‟s theory, Coloumb‟s wedge theory, Rebhann‟s and Culmann‟s graphcal methods, stability conditions for retaining walls

Module, III
Subsoil exploration: Methods, direct (test pits, trenches), semi-direct (borings), indirect (sounding, penetration tests, and geophysical methods).

Shallow foundation: Introduction, bearing capacity, methods and determination of bearing capacity, settlement of foundations.

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