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Feb 21, 2015
Hi M.Com. Students, I am sharing these amazingly helpful notes for the subject Financial Markets & Institutions. These PDF notes eBook on Financial Markets & Institutions will help you efficiently prepare for M.Com. semester examinations and score better marks. More details on these notes:

• Subject name – Financial Markets & Institutions
• Course – M.Com.
• File type – PDF
• Pages – 160

Topics covered in Financial Markets & Institutions PDF Notes/eBook for M.Com. course:

  • Unit I - An Overview of Financial Markets: Financial Markets – Nature – Functions – Money market – Capital market – Markets for derivatives – working of stock exchange in India – NSE and BSE – Role of SEBI – Major international stock markets.
  • Unit II - Commodity markets: MCX, NCDEX and ICEX – Functions, administration, regulations and general mechanism – International commodity markets – Debt market – Types, functions, instruments – Operational mechanism - Hindrances for the development of debt market.
  • Unit III - Financial instruments – issue of financial instruments – Primary issue, book building process, private placement, offer for sale, buy back of shares – various innovative financial instruments, bitcoin, crypto currency etc.
  • Unit IV - Development Financial Institutions: AMFI, IFCI, NABARD, SFCs, UTI, SIDBI – Mutual Funds, SEBI guidelines on mutual fund – Provident Fund – Pension Funds – PFRDA – Insurance companies – IRDA.
  • Unit V - Foreign capital flows: forms of foreign capital – FDI and FPI – FIIs – International financial instruments – ADR, GDR, IDR and Euro bonds – Role of foreign capital in Indian financial system – Trends in foreign capital inflows to India – Regulatory framework for foreign capital flows.
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