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Feb 21, 2015
Hi M.Com. Students, I am sharing these amazingly helpful notes for the subject Financial Management. These PDF notes eBook on Financial Management will help you efficiently prepare for M.Com. semester examinations and score better marks. More details on these notes:

• Subject name – Financial Management
• Course – M.Com.
• File type – PDF
• Pages – 265

Topics covered in Financial Management PDF Notes/eBook for M.Com. course:

  • Module 1: Foundation of Finance: Goals and functions of finance–Legal–Operating and Tax environment for financial decisions –Financial manager-Agency problem in financial management - Time value of money-compounding and discounting-An overview of capital investment decisions
  • Module II: Sources of long-term finance and Cost of Capital: Conventional and innovative sources leasing-factoring-securitisation- financial engineering-cost of capital-Concept–significance–Computation of cost of Debt, Preference capital, Equity capital and Retained Earnings – Opportunity cost of capital –Marginal cost of capital – WACC – Capital Asset Pricing Model.
  • Module III: Working Capital Management: Working Capital–meaning–concept and cycle – Working capital management strategy – Estimation of working capital– Mathematical and simulation models of working capital decisions – Management of cash and marketable securities – Cash management techniques – Lock box system, Concentration baking – Methods of Inventories – Techniques of inventory management – Management of receivables – Techniques of receivable management - working capital financing for Indian industry
  • Module IV:Financial leverage and Capital Structure: Definition of capital structure-Leverage Analysis–Operating, Financial &Combined leverage – EBIT – EPS Analysis – Financial Breakeven – IndifferencePoint – Capital Structure Theories – Optimum capital Structure – NI approach, NOI approach, Traditional approach & Modigliani Miller approach – Arbitrage process– Determinants of Capital Structure- over capitalisation, under capitalisation and fair capitalisation
  • Module V : Mechanics and practices of dividend payment–factors affecting dividend policy – legal framework of payment of dividend – dividend theories – determinants of dividend policy and some case studies.
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Hi @cool.sardar - thanks for sharing these amazing notes for MCOM students on the subject Financial Management.. I just reviewed these notes, and they look good.