Environmental Law Lecture Notes, eBook PDF Download for Law/LLB First Year


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Hi Fellow Law Students,

I am sharing a brief and concise PDF file containing LLB Lecture notes on Environmental Law. This is a 120 page PDF file which contains all the important topics within the subject - Environmental Law important for your Law/LLB studies.

After reading from these notes, the list of objectives defined in the lecture notes of Environmental Law are:
  • explain the term "environment" and its importance in our life
  • find out what is "environmental pollution" and what are the various kinds of "pollution"
  • appreciate the need for protection of environment
  • identify the factors responsible for environmental pollution
  • know the various laws relating to the protection and promotion of environment
  • understand the functions of Central Pollution Board and the State Pollution Boards
I hope these lecture notes on Environment Law will help you in your Law studies. Moreover, please feel free to ask any query below or LIKE this post to motivate me to share more study materials with all students! :)


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