Entrepreneurship Development notes/ebook/book for BCom final - free PDF download


Mar 16, 2017
Hi friends, I am sharing these PDF notes/handout for the B.Com Third Year subject - Entrepreneurship Development. The notes are helpful for fifth semester BCom students who are preparing for their semester exams. I hope these notes on Entrepreneurship Development will prove helpful for your B.Com. exams.

List of topics Covered in Entrepreneurship Development PDF notes for B.Com. Third Year:

  • Entrepreneurship, Functions Of Entrepreneur, Types Of Entrepreneurs
  • Small Scale Industries, Product Range
  • Capital Investment, General Investment Decision (GID)
  • Ownership Patterns, Preparing The Business Plan
  • Institutional Assistance To Small Scale Enterprises
These notes on Entrepreneurship Development for B.Com Third Year can be downloaded by clicking on the PDF icon below


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