Enterprise Web-based Computing with Java lecture notes/ebook for MCA 5th sem


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Here i am sharing high quality notes of the subject Enterprise Web-based Computing with Java. These notes are clear and concise and will definitely help you prepare well for your semester exams.

Topics covered in Enterprise Web-based Computing with Java Notes/eBook:

UNIT I - Introduction to Networking Basics Of Networking, Overview Of The OSI Model, Socket
Programming, Client Sockets And Server Socket, Multicast Sockets Javabeans, Javabean Architecture, Bean Properties, Methods And Events, Bean Introspection

UNIT II - Java Database Connectivity [JDBC] DBMS Concepts, RDBMS & Understanding basic database design, SQL, Introduction To SQL, DDL, DML, Joins, JDBC, Basics Of Database Connectivity, Introduction To JDBC, JDBC Architecture, JDBC Interfaces, JDBC Exceptions, Prepared Statement, Callable Statement, Stored Procedure And Functions, Triggers

UNIT III - Servlets Introduction To Web Application Development, Introduction of a 2 & 3 Tier Architecture, Server Side Programming, Introduction To Servlets, Comparing Servlets With CGI, Servlet Lifecycle, Servlet With Html, Server Side Includes, Servlet Chaining, HTTP Tunneling, Session Management, Servlets With JDBC, Inter Servlet Communication, Deployment Descriptor ( web.XML ), Servlet Context & Config Objects, ,Event Handling in Servlet, Jasper Report generation & Calling Using Servlet.

UNIT IV - Enterprise Java Beans Architecture, Introduction To Session Beans, Characteristics, How
To Write & Call Session Beans, Understanding EJB Security, Introduction To Entity Beans & its features, Example Server, Example Client, Transactions - Need, benefits, model, isolation

These notes on Enterprise Web-based Computing with Java can be downloaded by clicking on the pdf icon below.


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Perfect share for MCA students ! Thanks for providing these study material absolutely free..
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