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Mar 15, 2017
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Here i am uploading some high quality notes for the subject Engineering surveying. These notes are really good and will definitely help you prepare well for this subject's semester exam. All the best.

Topics Covered in these Engineering surveying notes & eBook are:

Module I

1. Concept of Surveying - Definition of surveying, Classification, Principle, Accuracy
2. Linear Measurement - Different methods of direct measurement instrument for chaining, Ranging, Chaining on uneven slopping ground, Errors in Chaining, Corrections.
3. Chain Surveying, Chain triangulation

Module II
4. Compass Surveying, Principles use of Prismatic Compass, Measurement of bearings, Conversion of bearings, Local attraction, Correction of compass traverse.
5. Plane Table Survey- Principles, Advantages and disadvantages, Equipment, Accessories and their uses.

Module III
6. Levelling - Types of levelling and their uses, Permanent adjustment, Curvature and refraction effects.
7. Contouring-Characteristics and uses of contours. Methods of contouring.

Module IV

8. Theodolite Survey, Application in Height and distance measurements. Permanent adjustment of transit theodolite, methods of repetitions and reiterations.
9. Curve Setting, Simple circular curve setting by chain, tape & theodolite
10. Minor Survey Instruments, Box-sextant

These Engineering surveying notes can be downloaded by clicking on the pdf icon below.


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