Engineering Mechanics lecture notes,ebook,pdf download for Mechanical

Feb 28, 2015
Hello Friends,

You can now download the PDF format of ebook for the subject Engineering Mechanics for Mechanical,Automobile and Industrial Production Engineering branch students.These lecture notes will help you alot and score really well during your examinations.The topics covered in each unit are as follows:

Engineering Mechanics

Topics to be covered

  • Concurrent forces on a plane: Introduction to engineering
  • Composition of forces, parallelogram law, numerical problems
  • Resolution of forces, equilibrium of collinear forces, super position and transmissibility, free body diagram
  • Equilibrium of concurrent forces: Lami's theorem, method of projection, equilibrium of three forces in a plane
  • Method of moments, numerical problems on equilibrium of concurrent forces
  • Friction: Definition of friction, static friction, dynamics
  • Ladder and rope friction, simple problems on ladder and rope friction
  • General case of parallel forces, center of parallel forces,numerical problems
  • Center of gravity, centroid of plane figure and curves, numerical examples
  • Centroid of composite figures figure and curves, numerical problems
  • Numerical examples on centroid of plane figure and curves
  • Composition and equilibrium of forces in a plane:Introduction to plane trusses, perfect, redundant truss
  • Solving problem of truss using method of joint
  • Numerical examples on solving truss problems using method of joint.
  • Numerical examples on method of joint and method of section
  • Principle of virtual work: Basic concept, virtual displacement, numerical problems
  • Numerical problems on virtual work
  • Numerical problems on virtual work
  • Moment of Inertia of plane figure with respect to an axis in its plane, numerical examples.
  • Moment of Inertia of plane figure with respect to an axis and perpendicular to the plane, parallel axis theorem, numerical