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Hello BTech Electronics (ECE/EC/ET) Engineering students, I have shared these amazing lecture notes, book/eBook for the subject - EMI - Electronics measurements & instrumentation as per the BTech Electronics Engineering course curriculum. These PDF notes, eBook on EMI - Electronics measurements & instrumentation will help you quickly revise the entire subject and help score higher marks in your Electronics Engg. semester exams.

Main topics covered in EMI - Electronics measurements & instrumentation quick revision PDF class notes, book, eBook for BTech Electronics Engineering:

  • UNIT I BASIC MEASUREMENT CONCEPTS - Measurement systems, Static and dynamic characteristics, Units and standards of measurements, Error analysis, Moving coil, moving iron meters, Multimeters, True RMSmeters, Bridge measurements, Maxwell ,Hay ,Schering ,Anderson and Wien bridge.
  • UNIT II BASIC ELECTRONIC MEASUREMENTS - Electronic multimeters, Cathode ray oscilloscopes, Block schematic, Applications,Special oscilloscopes, Q meters, Vector meters, RF voltage and power measurements.,True RMS meters.
  • UNIT III SIGNAL GENERATORS AND ANALYZERS - Function generators, pulse and square wave generators, RF signal generators, Sweep generators, Frequency synthesizer, Wave analyzer, Harmonic distortion analyzer,Spectrum analyzer - digital spectrum analyzer, Vector Network Analyzer, Digital L,C,R measurements, Digital RLC meters.
  • UNIT IV DIGITAL INSTRUMENTS - Comparison of analog and digital techniques, Digital voltmeter, Multimeters, Frequency counters, Measurement of frequency and time interval, Extension of frequency range,Automation in digital instruments, Automatic polarity indication, automatic ranging,automatic zeroing, fully automatic digital instruments, Computer controlled test systems, Virtual instruments
  • UNIT V DATA ACQUISITION SYSTEMS AND FIBER OPTIC MEASUREMENTS - Elements of a digital data acquisition system, Interfacing of transducers, Multiplexing,data loggers - Computer controlled instrumentation, IEEE 488 bus, Fiber optic measurements for power and system loss, Optical time domains reflectometer.
Please click the download link below to get EMI - Electronics measurements & instrumentation quick revision PDF class notes, book, eBook file for BTech Electronics Engineering syllabus.


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Sep 20, 2020
Best study material ever for EMI - Electronics measurements & instrumentation subject – these PDF notes eBook for EMI - Electronics measurements & instrumentation would be a great help for all Electronics engineering students. Thanks Studynama for sharing!!