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Mar 15, 2017
Hello Electrical Engineering students, I am sharing the Electronic Circuits PDF class lecture notes, eBook, book as per the Electrical Engineering Second year course syllabus. These Electronic Circuits quick revision notes will help you prepare on the exam day and score good marks.

List of topics covered in Electronic Circuits quick revision PDF Hand written class notes, book, eBook for Electrical Engineering Second Year:

  • Diode circuit: Load line concept, clipping circuits, comparators, sampling gate, rectifiers, capacitive filters, additional diode circuit.
  • Transistor: the junction transistor, transistor as an amplifier, transistor construction, the CE configuration, the CB configuration
  • Junction FET and its V-I characteristics: FET small signal model, FET biasing, MOSFET, FET as a voltage-variable resistor (VVR), CD amplifier, the hybrid-pi CE transistor model, hybrid-pi conductance and capacitance, validity of hybrid-pi model
  • Amplifier: Classification of amplifier, feedback concept, transfer gain, negative feedback, input-output resistance, method of analysis of a feedback amplifier, voltage- series, voltage-shunt, current series and current shunt feedback
  • OPAMP: The basic operational amplifier (OPAMP), differential amplifier and its transfer characteristics, emitter coupled differential amplifier, IC-OPAMP, offset error voltage and current, temperature drift of input offset voltage and current, measurement of OPAMP parameter and its frequency response, different type of OPAMP compensation and its step response.
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