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Hi Civil Engineering Students, this PDF file contains quick revision notes on the subject - Highway Engineering for civil engineering students. These quick revision notes PDF file for Highway Engineering will help you study on the exam day and score good marks

List of topics covered in these PDF notes, eBook, book for Highway Engineering:

- Significance of highway planning – Modal limitations towards sustainability - History of road development in India – Classification of highways – Locations and functions – Factors influencing highway alignment – Soil suitability analysis - Road ecology - Engineering surveys for alignment, objectives, conventional and modern methods.

UNIT II GEOMETRIC DESIGN OF HIGHWAYS - Typical cross sections of Urban and Rural roads –– Cross sectional elements - Sight distances – Horizontal curves, Super elevation, transition curves, widening at curves – Vertical curves - Gradients, Special consideration for hill roads - Hairpin bends – Lateral and vertical clearance at underpasses.

UNIT III DESIGN OF FLEXIBLE AND RIGID PAVEMENTS - Design principles – pavement components and their role - Design practice for flexible and rigid Pavements (IRC methods only) - Embankments .

UNIT IV HIGHWAY CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS AND PRACTICE - Highway construction materials, properties, testing methods – CBR Test for subgrade - tests on aggregate & bitumen – Construction practice including modern materials and methods, Bituminous and Concrete road construction, Polymer modified bitumen, Recycling, Different materials – Glass, Fiber, Plastic, Geo-Textiles, Geo-Membrane (problem not included) - Quality control measures - Highway drainage –– Construction machineries.

UNIT V EVALUATION AND MAINTENANCE OF PAVEMENTS - Pavement distress in flexible and rigid pavements – Pavement Management Systems - Pavement evaluation, roughness, present serviceability index, skid resistance, structural evaluation, evaluation by deflection measurements – Strengthening of pavements –Types of maintenance – Highway Project formulation.

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